Saturday, June 23, 2012

ALA Annual 2012 -- OCLC's Worldshare.

Attended Selecting OCLC Worldshare Management Services: Perspectives from Different Libraries 8:30am Saturday. Here are my notes.

Andrew Pace (OCLC)

Collections and users are changing, our back office systems are anachronistic. Users flocking to the cloud and we are missing opportunities to collaborate.
Strategy -- ensuring relevance -- syndication to the web,  efficiency, meeting users at PoN on the web. Unified Col Mgmt. Break down the silos. collaboration and innovation between libraries.

The system is INCIP (?) based. Links to 3rd party systems, standards based.

Gives staff the same easy interfaces as users. Staff are users too.

Margie Harrison (San Juan Island Lib)

implementation is a group experience, weekly meetings, chat, email, phone with User Support. 24/7 training tutorials. Live weekly training.
Workflow changes really saves time.
8 months from signing on to implementation.

Robert Powers (NASA Jet Propulsion)

early adopter. 3-4 month intensive period of implementation. Pressure on staff and need to added value services. Archive and library. 
"We don't want the OPAC to get in our way." Looking for efficiencies in cat and acq staff. ERM seen great efficiency. Simplified Circ. 
Want to see improved metrics and reports.
Discovery -- improving, but seems unsure. Satisfied with the knowledge base. 
Systems admin is very straightforward, all in the cloud at OCLC.

Gary Cocozzoli (Lawrence Tech Uni)

Wants to give same level of service to distant as well as local students.
Dissatisfied with previous ILS.
Asked all the questions we at Rollins are: Open Source, trad SAAS, next gen, local consortium, which was more expensive than WMS.
Buying a service, not a system, just joining in.
Using OCLC so much already.
Knowledge base and PubGet. Set it up in KB and it automatically updates KB.
Saving money and time.
More sophisticated vendor relationships/communication.
Again likes cohort implementation system and training.
4-5 months for implementation

What are you going to do with items in OPAC that are not in OCLC?
Review local serials holdings records LHR.

WMS-- vendors

Auto load or order records
Using API for transfer of data to Banner
Single  sign on
Quarterly upgrades
Drupal site for user support.

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