Sunday, June 24, 2012

ALA Annual 2012 -- Serial Solutions Intota.

Intota is the name for SerSols upcoming ILA. Jane Burke gave the presentation. Here are my very hasty notes. Bottom line: they are furer than I expected, what they have looks quite good. But there is still a long way to go.

EDUCAUSE research on users show they value self sufficient, don't ask, think they know more about technology that you, they are the next faculty.

Three big buckets of pain for staff -- workflows, system maintenance, assessment.

Not first to market, but unique for:
Unified intelligent workflows -- cross training
Knowledgebase -- rebuilding it for Intota.
Assessment -- intelligence around usage data, blend it with outcomes data
Interoperable -- with registrars system, etc.
Developed and supported by SerialsSolutions

API's from the beginning.
Not print and not batch, immediate action.
Freeing staff to work with users.

Full functionality -- selection, acquisitions, description, discovery, fulfillment.

Selection -- united, inherent PDA,  
resource mgmt and acquisition -- unified workflow, auto copy cataloging, etc.
Description -- shared data, networked authority control, local editing possible, mutation formats ( MARC, Dublin core, other schema)
Fullfilment -- all functions, reserves, interoperable with ILLiad, link to user records. 

Expanded Knowledgebase, building FRBR, using RDA toolkit.

Multi-tenant SaaS. Individual instance, shared Knowledgebase etc.

Subscription model, lower total costs, profile migration fee, 

Phase 1 data mgmt
Phase 2 selection
Phase 3 fullfilment

SUNY Geneseo, Marist College development partner (closest in size to us)

To prepare: Convert and organize data, benefit from centralized data mgmt now, export/migrate to web scale.

Geneseo director. Cyril Oberlander

Aiming to free up time. 

Redefining academic libraries
GIST get it system toolkit.

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