Friday, May 21, 2010

Traditional Healer

In another trip outside of my comfort zone, Hoyt took us all to a traditional healer, Cok Rai. I will share Micki's video response when I can get blogger to accept such a big video. But in the meantime let me tell you about my experience. Cok Rai was a superb listener and observer and he very quickly understood quite a bit about each of us. i think this comes from natural empathy, careful observation, and long experience. Hoyt would say I am safely staying in my western rationalist comfort zone and that I should at least consider that he has some other power that is best understood from within a Balinese worldview. Perhaps so, but I think my rationalist explanation still leaves him as an amazing guy. He spent a lot of time poking me in an eclectic mixture of pressure points that seem to be based on Chinese and Indian Vedic medicine. Ultimately ending up poking me between my toes with a stylus, each point connected to a different internal organ. I have one problem, a memory lodged in my head (luckily it has not progressed to my chest) that I need to let go of.

After lunch we went to a mask maker, I Wayan Muka, in Mas. Masks are a common component in Balinese performances. I was amazed at how he was changed by simply putting on the mask and dancing, which is his specialty. But these tourist things, however, accomplished leave me cold. When I have some time I will have to blog about tourism in Bali, or at least my uninformed early impressions of same.


Bethany Hicok said...

Wow. This is wonderful description, and the video is great. Just had lunch with Darla and Charlene, and they were talking about your blog.

Charlene said...

Yes, thanks for doing this blog! Our girls' lunch out was great...we gabbed about your adventures.

Having been to this same healer twice myself, I think you're right on about him being a close listener. His sense of humor, too, made my experiences good. Have you all discussed the differences between what Cok Rai does and the black magic "healers" like the one written about in the book, "Eat, Pray, Love?"