Saturday, May 15, 2010

The road to Bali

On Monday I leave for Bali, Indonesia on the latest Rollins faculty trip. Each faculty member goes with a particular interest. I have two, the first is traditional Balinese writing and reading practices, Lontars, and reading groups, and the other is tropical vegetable gardening.

I am taking a laptop and flip camera with me and will try blogging from Bali as we go. I could have done this all from my phone, but Verizon would have charged me an arm and leg, and probably screwed it up anyway. One non-blog example: they put skype mobile on their phone and then only let you use it via their phone system, for which you need an international plan. Dumb.

Wish me luck. By the way, you know where the title of this post comes from.


Sue said...

Can't wait to hear tales from your trip and see pictures. Now I have to find that movie to watch it again.

Charlene said...

Enjoy yourselves and if Hoyt gets antsy about schedules, remind him you're on Bali time :-) I get to say this cuz I married him...