Thursday, May 10, 2007

What is Mapstats?

If you look at the bottom on the right hand column you will see a link to Mapstats. This is a free way of keeping stats on the (depressingly low) readership of this, or any, blog. The cool think about this (apart from it being free) is that it also maps the usage so I can see where usage is coming from and which specific post is being read. As a visual person anyway, I am increasingly interested in the various spatial ways we can display data, interactively and in real time.

You can see my readers are all in the US, not even my mother reads it!


John Pollitz said...

Looks like you have one from Mexico City now too. I am very impressed with the wide range of readership.

Rachel Simmons said...

This is serious problem. Even my mother reads my blog. I like it when she comments "anonymously" like I won't figure it out. Even in a blog, she sounds like SOMEONE'S mother.

Jonathan Miller said...

It turns out my Mother does read my blog, she just doesn't comment. She told me this in a recent e-mail.
Like John I too have been surprised by the variety of reader locations -- Mexico, Beijing, Paris. They seem to be finding it via Internet search engines.