Tuesday, May 08, 2007

NITLE Liaisons' Summit

I am just finishing the NITLE (National Institute of Technology in Liberal Education, pronounced "nightly") Summit. My first since becoming NITLE Liaison at Rollins. Rollins is the first NITLE school I have worked at so this is also my introduction to this group of liberal arts colleges. NITLE is a child of the Mellon Foundation and is run out of Ithaka. You can learn more than you ever wanted to know at those three websites.

I have a few take homes from this summit:

  1. We still need to be involved in NITLE as it transitions from "2.o" (a fixed fee with effectively unlimited opportunities for participation) to "3.0" (a low membership fee and a pay as you go model of participation.)
  2. We need to make greater use of NITLE professional development opportunities particularly in relationship to curricula renewal/reform at Rollins and our in involvement in general needs to be more more planned and strategic. As liaison I need to plan who I will invite to participate and try and pair interested faculty members with IT staff and librarians so that participation is more productive when participants get back to campus.
  3. We have a lot more to do at the interface between IT and the Library in supporting the use of technology in teaching and learning if we are to match the activities at our peer and aspirational institutions.

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Anonymous said...

I agree we should be making greater use of NITLE opportunities and we should look at ways of raising NITLE's profile on campus. Having been to a few NITLE events recently, I highly recommend their program of conferences and workshops. It's been an honor to represent Rollins College at these events, which are not only excellent opportunities to develop professionally but also a wonderful chance to network with colleagues from peer institutions.
Going to a NITLE event gives you a reality check on how Rollins is doing in relation to peer institutions. From a visual resources point of view, my impression has always been that Rollins should be proud of it's encouragement of inter-departmental communication to adopt campus-wide solutions for delivering digital images, such as Contentdm and ARTstor. Please let these NITLE opportunities continue!