Thursday, May 01, 2008

How are we doing: Part Deux

Time for more comments with my responses. Keep them coming.

Comment: Six people asked whether we can you keep café open until 12am.
Jonathan’s Response: Personally I would like the Café to be open all the hours the Library is open. While Dining Services have expanded hours in the last year, I understand the need for them to work efficiently and, based on how much revenue the Café generates. I have passed your suggestion on to Dining Services.

Comment: Stay open later. It would be great to stay open until 12am.
Jonathan’s Response: You must be referring to Friday and Saturday evenings, when we close at 7pm and 6pm respectively. We will be looking into this based on usage of the building. Remember, the Late Night Lab has been open to Rollins students until midnight on those nights during the Spring semester. That pilot will be evaluated to see if we can continue to maintain those hours in the next academic year.

As I write this of course the whole building is open 24/7. Enjoy!

Comment: Might be good to put a sign outside with the hours of Olin. If there is one I could not find it.
Jonathan’s Response: Good idea. We will get this fixed. We used to have the hours outside, but when the noticeboard was replaced by the plasma screen the hours notice went with it. Oops! The hours do appear on the plasma screen, but obviously that info changes.

Comment: “Please keep up the good work. Gets better all the time. Great improvement” and “All help desks are doing great”
Jonathan’s Response: Thanks for the kind words. We hope you see the improvement continue.

Comment: Kim did a fantastic job assisting me with computer difficulties. Although she didn’t have an immediate answer, she went above and beyond to help find the solution for me. Suggest a 24hr on tech for late night studying students.
Jonathan’s Response: I love it when individual staff members are mentioned, that way I can personally thank them for their contribution. It is good to see Kim going above and beyond. As for your suggestion about late night tech support, I will pass it on to IT.

Comment: I envision a site called "" where anyone w/an R-Card can post ideas on specific departments such as the library. Users could post ideas, constructive feedback, new idea, respond to ideas, vote on ideas, etc. Think (this) on steroids (electronically).

Jonathan’s response: Great idea. When the new website is launched later this year we are thinking of maintaining a blog that would function in exactly that way. We can take advantage of the “wisdom of the crowd” (see the book The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki) to improve services. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I really like the idea for a "" site. It sounds like a great way to get feedback. ~Darla

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