Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CLIR Symposium (Chuck Henry, President of CLIR)

This was a really interesting session in which we really began to think about what kind of futures we might have (if any.) Chuck introduced a series of what he called "deep collaboration" projects:

Hidden Collections
Digging into Data
Digital Public Library of America
Data Curation:building a new profession
Linked Data
Federated Research and Educational Depository System (secure digital preservation. Can't find a link for this.)
Centers for Digital Humanities and the Liberal Arts (no link for this either.)
Medical Heritage Digital Collaborative
National Humanities Press (sorry, no link.)
CLIR/Mellon Fellowships: Dissertations in Original Sources

"From a strategic vantage point, there is no ambiguity: the future of academic libraries and higher education rests on the ability to reconceive ourselves holistically, with the various components of scholarly information-- discovering, reconstituting, publishing, and sharing knowledge, and keeping its various manifestations securely preserved and accessible -- understood as interrelated and interdependent. The inherited norms, customs, traditions, and institutions that have structured research and teaching now need to be constructively challenged, redefined, and subsequently reassembled."

So what is the role of librarians at liberal arts colleges in this environment? Are we ready to connect our faculty and students to such macro solutions?


Tim Schlak said...
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Tim Schlak said...

It's too bad I missed you at the CLIR conference, Jonathan. I wonder whether it's not possible to rephrase your question without losing its call to action as: "Are our constituents, faculty and students involved in undergraduate education, ready to connect to such macro solutions?"
After talking at Palm Beach Atlantic, I got the sense that you and your staff are ready to connect in this way. I know that once we build something like a digital repository (soon!), it's up to others to do the knowledge generation.

sbo said...
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