Friday, June 24, 2011

More from the Summon Advisory Board.

Other recent interesting developments include:

Things we will see in the next few weeks/months include:

A new, more scanable results lay out.
Better handling of multiple content types.
Fine tuning availability (so that users can easily and conveniently distinguish between an item available locally in fulltext and one available locally in print.)
Discipline searching -- so that we can present a "physics" slice of the database (for instance) to users to a libguide, webpage, etc.

Tammy Allgood from ASU and David Pattern from the University of Huddersfield talked about embedding Summon in sites beyond the library. For instance Tammy has been successful in placing a default Summon search box in their iteration of Blackboard, in the campus portal and marketing info all over the ASU web presence. I would really like us to do more of this. They have branded Summon as "Library One Search."
 David is using QRcodes in marketing materials to take people directly to their Summon iteration. He is also making great use of the API to liberally sprinkle access to Summon in their catalog etc. 

Andrea Michalek, of Summon, gave us some background into how relevancy is calculated and has promised to share her PowerPoint with me, it might help with the librarians, and perhaps in advanced instruction sessions.
There was lots more, but that is enough for now.

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