Thursday, November 18, 2010

QR codes

I mentioned QR codes earlier in this blog, and lo and behold, one of our librarians, Susan Montgomery, has made great use of them! I have asked her to guest blog, Here goes....

QR stands for "Quick Response" and is a matrix barcode which smartphone and mobile phones users scan with their phone. If your phone doesn't have a scanner, you can download the app. QR codes were developed in 1994 by Densa-Wave, a Toyota subsidiary. Companies have been using them to provide easy access to their products and services. For libraries, we can provide access to relevant information that interest our users.
QR codes are easy to create. For these, I used Kaywa Code Generator. The code can link people to websites, videos, text messages and even phone numbers. If you haven't had a chance to see the QR codes at Olin, no worries! I've pasted them here for you to see. I think you'll enjoy what you see.
Enjoy and now you know what these weird looking designs mean.
Scan it!

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