Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Digital Preservation and Access

An interesting juxtaposition of articles in the Arts section of the Times this morning. Emory has made some of Salmen Rushdie's papers available, including the original Mac machines on which he wrote, and there is an interesting discussion of the difficulties of preserving "born digital" materials. Like most archives, our own Archives & Special Collections has not begun to tackle this yet, too expensive, not enough standards, etc.

The second article concerns C-Span placing their video archive on the web. You can find the archive here. This is not about preservation, but all about access, and what incredible access. This is going straight on my politics libguide. But C-Span is actually archived at the Research Park at Purdue.

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Rebecca said...

I just visted LOC for the first time and was very impressed with their interactive digital displays, especially those were I could view digital copies of books in Thomas Jefferson's library...digitization allowed access I wouldn't have had otherwise.