Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Building Relationships with Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty members can be tough to connect with, they can can feel like nomads on campus, no place to gather their thoughts, meet with a student, or check e-mail.

So I was delighted when the public services librarians suggested that we use the space that had been a reference workroom and ILL office as an Adjunct Faculty Lounge.

This is just an experiment at this stage, but we hope that creating this space right in the middle of the librarians offices will encourage more contact between these faculty and the librarians and thus lead to more instruction and a heightened awareness of how the library might help support their teaching. The room has a PC and printer as well as some comfortable seating, art on the walls, and soothing lights.

The printer is the networked printer that supports the librarians, so we hope they will be in and out all day as well; leading to all kinds of serendipidous opportunities for relationship building.

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L Eaton said...

Hi there,

this is a great I work (as adjunct) at several college/universities and often, these are good places for faculty to decompress, interact with other adjunct faculty, and meet with students. But often, the offices are out of the way, in parts of the school students aren't familiar with or not connected with any part of the school. Having it as part of the library would hopefully fused relationships between adjunct faculty and librarians as you say, which in my experience can be a very positive experience that benefits my students greatly.