Saturday, June 06, 2009

Recycling the Shelflist

Part of the R2 project means the shelflist is redundant. We should have probably done this many years ago, but better late than never. We decided to make quite a big deal out of retiring the beast as a way of making our community more aware of our move from print to digital.
At the end of May we offered individual cards to faculty and staff and a lot of people took us up on the offer to get a card for the books they wrote, or favorite titles. Last week the cabinets were offered to the highest bidder (the big ones went for $200 and the small ones for $120. Amazing.)
On Friday the staff recycled the remaining cards. It took 125 years to build the list and just 35 minutes to recycle it.


Jonathan Miller said...

The staff saved some of the shelflist cards and had a barbeque! Take a look at the photos on flickr at

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