Thursday, February 05, 2009

Weird social networking moment

I just realized I had five tabs open in my web browser: A Multipoint Interactive Videoconferencing session from NITLE, a private wiki from Pbwiki about cooperation amongst academic libraries in Florida, Flickr, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and now Blogger.

Synchronicity? Overkill? Just the way we work now?


rose said...

Most days I'm logged on to Gmail, Blackboard, Facebook, Skype, and Adium (multi-chat client), and often also connected to my work computer via VPN. Definitely the way I work these days!

Bryan's workshop blog said...

Only 5? :)

But yes, I think that's one of the ways we work now. I note the web 2.0 aspects of your tabs (Flickr, FB, Blogger), and also the different media each supports (text, images, video, audio).

Bill said...

I've started looking into social network aggregators, but haven't found one yet that's a solution to my headaches. I'm currently playing with Orkut, which lets you add a Facebook feed as an app.

Bill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill said...

Here's a list of aggegators.

Anonymous said...

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