Sunday, August 24, 2008

Second Year (and a little bit).

Back on August 7th 2007, I wrote an entry celebrating everything that everyone in the library had achieved in my first year. Well time flies and my second anniversary is already growing smaller in the rear view mirror and the semester is upon us. Before we get too busy to think, here is a list (in no particular order) of what the library personnel, above and beyond their normal work, have achieved in the 2007-08 academic year.

  • Installed Findit, open link resolver.
  • R2 Consulting began our rethinking of technical services from request to shelf.
  • Revised our gift policy.
  • Began Your Librarian program.
  • Added access to Science and Nature online.
  • Started using Meebo to provide chat reference and began using Gmail for e-mail an text reference.
  • Added Credo and Oxford Reference Online, and Prokaryotes, digital reference collections.
  • Provided campus wide access to RefWorks bibliographic management software.
  • Reviewed all our multidisciplinary database offerings and added access to EBSCO's Academic Search Premier and ended access to WilsonWeb's Omnifile (thereby adding access to over 4,500 more fulltext journals, magazines, and newspapers).
  • Reviewed our anthropology database offerings and added access to AnthroSource and ended access to e-HRAF.
  • Installed rocking chairs and other furniture on the loggia and new furniture in the entrance way.
  • Installed plasma screens in the group study rooms and elsewhere in the Library.
  • Said goodbye to Janet, Kerry, Yvonne and Carolyn (all have gone on to great opportunities elsewhere).
  • Said hello to Darcella Deschambault, Denisa Metko, and Meredith Lowe.
  • Added FoxHunt, federated searching.
  • Promotion of Wenxian to full professor, mid-course reviews for Mary, Jonathan, annual review for Yvonne, annual reviews for all staff.
  • Upgrade Sirsi integrated library system.
  • Added more content to our Digital Archives including collections on Winter Park and Florida, and Treasures at Rollins Archives.
Back on August 7th, 2007 I also see that I held an ice cream party for everyone. I had better get on that right away!

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Anonymous said...

On Aug. 7, 2007 I got a cake and we had a little anniversary party for you. But now that I'm gone, psssst, who cares about parties!!
Happy Belated 2nd Anniversary at Olin!